BDSM 101

  • What Is Squirting & How to Make a Woman Squirt?

    Squirting, also known as women squirting, female ejaculation, girls gushing or women cumming, is a form of clear fluid expelled from Skene's gland in the vagina during orgasm when you are masturbating or having sex. Ladies, if you have ever gotten so wet while masturbating or being fingered or having sex, that you thought you had peed? You were probably not peeing like you might have thought, but we’re actually squirting, especially if you had to pee, and usually a lot, after sex. Gentlemen and ladies who have been with ladies who have gotten that wet, that is what that was. The key to this is that if that has happened, the lady can squirt, but the question is how do you MAKE her do it on purpose.

  • Using Improvisation Techniques in BDSM Scenes

    For most people, BDSM is not a lifestyle that they live 24/7 every day. The kink lifestyle is injected into regular life through the use of “scenes”. While a scene can last a few minutes or many hours, the BDSM scene is a time that is set aside in the relationship to play your “role” of Dominant or submissive, master or slave or any other roles that your imagination may use to enhance and actualize your desires and sexual feelings.Keeping some basic improvisation techniques in mind can help you explore your scenes and make sure you are getting the most out of it for you and your partner.

  • How to Be A Submissive Male - Female Dominates Male

    If you are submissive male, you’ve probably noticed that there are more submissive males than there are dominant females. Fortunately, more and more males are waking up to the fact that women are naturally superior. Unfortunately, for those males, it can be difficult to find that dominatrix of their dreams due to the fact that most women are taking longer waking up to this fact. The good news is that you can change that ratio, and I will tell you how to turn any woman into the dominant Goddess of your dreams. Whether you’ve just met her, or you’ve been married for years, follow these rules and your woman will be towering above you in no time.

  • How To Be A Switch - Dom Sub Switch Tips

    Being a switch can be extremely difficult for others when you’re meeting people and talking to people you have never met before. I have been involved in this lifestyle for the past couple of years just because I find a lot of different fetishes and kinks to be very exciting. So, I think a couple of the biggest drawbacks of being a switch is that a lot of the majority really are seeking one thing. They are seeking either someone that is going to be extremely dominant or someone that is going to be submissive.